Pillar #4: Managing Stress

People think stress is an esoteric thing that is just floating around out there. We say, “Oh he's just stressed out!” like it isn’t some sort of medical problem. We can measure your heart rate, your cholesterol, your blood pressure, but there is no way to measure your stress. But, believe me, stress is real and it can destroy every cell in your body.

I don’t care how you figure this problem out if you are a stress-head, but you need to get on it, whether it be through meditation, yoga, or breathing exercises. Get it done! There have been studies done where people have sit down to eat a very healthy meal full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, but they were stressed out and gobbled their food down and only absorbed about 60% of the nutrients in that beautiful meal.

I know this sounds cliche, but most stress is unwarranted, we all make mountains out of mole hills. I heard a great question to ask when your are feeling stressed out. When something stressful happens, ask yourself, “A year from now will this have any effect on my life?” 95% of the time that answer is “No, not one iota!” Stress is really one of the easier Pillars to Success to learn how to manage. You really just have to stop and be aware of yourself.

Most people are intimated by meditating because they think they aren’t good at it. I used to be one of those people. The problem is we think that their is some huge life transformation that is supposed to take place whilst we are mediating. No, just start with 10 minuntes everyday. Yes your mind will wander that's OK; that's normal, just bring it back. Some people light a candle and stare at it, some people just focus on their breath in and out. When your mind wanders just bring it back to your breath. If you look at the daily rituals of most successful people in life, they all mediate. Give it the old college try and I think you will see it will help tremendously.

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